Unlocking Consciousness Through Self-Hypnosis: A Journey Within

I have used self-hypnosis to build better habits and encourage more positive thought patterns. This has been a key to my journey of connecting with inner peace.

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It is through our subconscious activity that consciousness is experienced.
Most people mindlessly mingle from activity to activity never embracing true reality.
I define true reality as this very moment: the present.
All fear, anxiety and negative emotion exists outside the present moment.
If you experience anxiety and feelings of doubt or insecurity, you are living outside this minute in time.
You are not alone!
I know because I write this for myself.
Hypnosis will allow you to better connect with your subconscious and bring about awareness to what is.
And what is?
It is all that there is. That’s a bit spiritual, and not my intention today.
Today is about hypnosis, more specifically, self-hypnosis.
I ignored hypnosis at first because of the cluck like a chicken stigma that it has. One day I realized that guided meditations and self-hypnosis were very similar in nature. This prompted a curiosity that led to this article.

The difference between the conscious and subconscious mind

Today we will explore the power of self-hypnosis and using this wonder to unlock consciousness.
First I’ll distinguish between the “conscious mind” and the “subconscious mind”.
The conscious mind is our directed awareness to thoughts, perceptions, sensations and emotions. It is responsible for logical reasoning, focus and decision-making. You can breath consciously by pausing and taking a deep breath.
The subconscious mind is unconscious and is made with processes and information that influence our thoughts, emotions or actions without direct awareness. You often breath without conscious awareness to each breath.
The subconscious mind is influenced through memories, habits, beliefs, instincts and results in automatic reactions. Our conscious actions can influence the subconscious and given enough time, in many cases they do. Hypnosis is a bridge that can speed this process up and form a more harmonious relationship.
Let’s look at a real world example of the conscious mind feeding the subconscious…
When we first learn to drive, our conscious mind is actively involved in every action we perform, such as engaging the gears, attentively monitoring the speedometer, controlling the pedals, and checking mirrors. With experience, we find ourselves driving without deliberate thought, automatically using turn signals, checking mirrors, and occasionally zoning out. This shift reflects the subconscious mind taking over certain driving tasks as they become more ingrained and habitual.
This happens without or knowledge or intention. The same processes, habits and experiences from our conscious mind can feed our unconscious (subconscious) in a multitude of ways - both positive and negative.
I write from my own personal experience, which is constantly evolving. Hypnosis has helped me look within and resolve some of my negative patterns and beliefs. As with anything in life, results may vary. Remember, it is through this variance we each get a truly unique experience!

The Role of Habits

Habit shifts you to worries of the future or regrets of the past.
It is through habit you desire your morning coffee, a cigarette or nightly drink.
I’m not going to write about stuff I don’t know, like chemical dependencies or serious cases of addiction. I have the utmost respect for anyone who admits a problem and seeks professional health to remedy it. I write this today from a position of someone who has struggled with excessive thinking, worrying and fear. Take that for what it is worth!
The habit of hypnosis can be developed in 10-15 minutes daily and builds in time as you discover it’s magic. Deeper and deeper, day by day, tapping into your subconscious self builds a connection of pure love and joy.
I wish I could rememebr the exact day that I found and began building my practice of self-hypnosis. It was sometime during the summer of 2022. I had been learning about the subconscious mind and the ways that we can “communicate” with it. There is a bit of “woo-woo” when you embark on this journey. I define “woo-woo” as unconventional and unexplainable. Many give that a negative connotation but I view it more agnostic.
The benefit of hypnosis is that it is natural, requiring only an intention to relax. In this relaxed state, we can better look at things that trouble us and often we can pose a question to our subconscious and let it go to work finding the solution. How it works, I do not know.
Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out! Romans 11:33
There is nothing religious or spiritual about hypnosis but I have found through a state of deep relaxation, I am more connected with God. If you are not a religious or spiritual person, you may describe this experience differently. I have read many experiences and it is amazing how varied they are. We all interpret differently.
A thorough examination of your thought patterns will provide a better understanding of your life than any course, therapy session or meditation tactic. From my experience, looking within has provided the most value in understanding both why and how. This dose not takeaway the value that education, therapy or mindfulness - it adds to it.
Some people may not care about “why” and “how” and may seek help from a trained hypnotherapist to guide them through the process of hypnosis to resolve a specific problem. I have never smoked but I know many have found success with hypnosis to quit smoking.
The most important takeaway I have from building my Habit of hypnosis is that there is no right or wrong way. We learn through experience. Experience is a result of action!
Here is an exercise I use to shift states. Take it and try it, apply as needed.
Be it rich, healthy, aware or at peace. This exercise takes only a few minutes and can be done as often as you like. It is most powerful when practiced regularly, especially before sleep.

Quick Self-Hypnosis Exercise

First define your session objective. It could be any desire, relief or state you wish to embody. It may remain constant, or change. Make it specific or keep it broad. You are the power and through your power this session will change your life.
The only requirement is that it be framed in a positive light.
Avoid “no” language of “stop” or “don’t” and instead focus on the positive version of that state.
What would it be like if it were true?
I like to lay down when I do this so my body is completely supported.
Look straight ahead.
Not moving your head, stare up towards the ceiling with your eyeballs as you take three breaths.
After your first breath you may notice your eyes are fluttering a bit. You feel the sensation of your eyes looking up as your head remains neutral.
The second breath is deeply in and released through the mouth.
With your third breath, let your eyelids close but keep your eyeballs looking up.
We have primed ourselves and are ready to begin.
Like any exercise, we must warmup.
We have prepared our eyes and set our intention, but now we want to practice visualization.
Picture yourself at the top of the stairs. Any stairs do, picture whatever is easiest for you. We are going to walk down the stairs, one by one, visualizing each step and focusing only on our feet as they hit each step.
Step 10, 9, 8 - with each step you are feeling a deeper state of relaxation. At this point notice that your eyes have stopped looking up and are in a natural position. Your eyes remain shut but your vision is focused on the next step.
7 - your relaxation doubles
6 - you are going deeper
5 - deeper and deeper. Feel the sensation of relaxation. Say deeper and deeper in your mind if it helps to relax you. The goal here is with each number, our state of relaxation increases.
4, 3, and 2 - Your breathing is relaxed and your feeling better and better and better.
And 1.
At the bottom of the stairs you find yourself in a comfortable place.
It is relaxing yet inviting.
This is your chamber of communication with the subconscious.
With your hands placed by your side or on your thighs, perform a test.
Notice your hand drift up as if it were magnetic, being raised by a powerful magnet above.
Your deep sense of relaxation is so enjoyable. Your right hand is slowing rising by this invisible force. As it raises, notices this is the subconscious at work.
Acknowledge your subconscious and the hand will lower back to a resting position.
We have now primed and warmed up our subconscious.
It is time to begin the session.
Your intention is fulfilled now.
How do you feel?
It feels rather good, but this is only the beginning.
You notice the feeling of accomplishment of this intention but you find it to be far too simple for this to be all that there is.
A doubt has surfaced as your mind begins to wonder. Notice what that was.
What power does this doubt hold?
You realize the doubt has no actual power.
If you release it and return back to the intention of your wish fulfilled the doubt vanishes.
Your consciousness tried to takeover but remember the magnet. Your subconscious is the real power. Your subconscious has all the answers.
Continue with this exercise until you have laid to rest the doubts, insecurities and worry. As you continue to relax, living in the state of the wish fulfilled, you notice an inner peace washes over you.
The inner peace is always there. It is quiet. It feels no need to argue or fight. It knows it’s power and does not engage with that which does not serve it. You are inner peace.
When ready, provide some positive encouragement to yourself that it is done. Counting backwards from 0 to 5, pausing on 3 to assert the words of encouragement once more, you are ready to resume your day feeling better and better and better.

Intentional Action Is Internal

I often confuse action with physical exerted effort. This belief that one more push-up makes you stronger; that one more phone-call will bring wealth. It is true that action ignites momentum.
Momentum can be positive or negative.
By connected with our ‘self’ through meditation we can listen to the voice of inner peace. This inner peace removes preconceived conditioning and communicates clear and concise.
I am very much still building my relationship between my conscious and subconscious. At this point in my journey, I want to write and share about my experience. This in part to help someone else who may be just beginning with their journey, but more so to help me document my practice and view my progress. I want to more formally document different meditations and exercises that I am doing so I can build a library of tips, tricks and processes that foster growth.
By aligning our internal intention with conscious action we enter a state of flow. I’ll write more on my experience with flow in the future, but flow is this magical state where time bends and productivity skyrockets.
I have found self-hypnosis to be a daily practice that I can stick with. Some days are busy, which is why I often end my day with meditation. It is through this state that I revise my day and cultivate positive vibes. I have built small habits like self-love in this manner but am very early in my journey.
I recognize the importance of consistency and the idea that life is a journey not a destination.
You are hear for a purpose and God has ways past finding out.
Until next time,
Scott Sprouse

Written by

Scott Sprouse

Taking life one day at a time.